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After having spent 10 years in the Sepik area of Papua New Guinea, back in the 70's, Dave and myself began to visit with the people of Bouganville in 2000. This was towards the end of the chrisis (civil war) that had enveloped the island for many years. We were among the first western people to arrive after the civil uprising.

Here we found Bouganville to be totally devastated, all infrastructure - roads, electricity, bridges, housing, all completely annihilated. The people were war weary and suspicious, so it took us some time to gain their confidence. Now many of these people rate among our best friends. Dave set about repairing their houses; building a school, medical centre, cutting the timber from the bush with his walkabout sawmill. I spent time encouraging the people spiritually with conferences and seminars, and a significant relationship was built with many of the political leaders of the day.

During this time, I penned a book called "Sons of Thunder", which detailed the history of the crisis, the mining companies, the PNG politicians and the amazing revival which took place during that time.

In 2012, Dave and I were invited to be adopted by the Motaha clan in Bouganville, giving us rights of citizenship. Where we were once friends, we are now confirmed bothers and sisters. This enables Dave to have access to meetings with the chiefs and the ability to help them in their decision making, in order to bring prosperity and righteousness to the emerging nation.

For those who would like to give to enable us to continue working in this mission field, you can use the link on this webpage or contact us directly.

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6 Oct 2017
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