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Since the mid 1980's David and Royree have been visiting india. Initially we preached on the streets in India when this was still permissible. We saw many, many people come to Christ, as we, complete with megaphone and interpreters declared the gospel of Jesus.

Over the years many churches have developed as a result of our initial works there. We now have about 300 churches, small to medium sized, and visit often to encourage the pastors. It became impossible to ignore the plight of the orphan children and the widows as we ministered among the poorest of the poor.

With help of many friends and relatives we now support approximately 150 orphans with food, clothes, shelter and education. We also provide basic food and clothes for approximately 20 widows. This is an ongoing great challenge and while we are meeting their basic needs, to raise up leaders we must invest much more in these children, in order to bring them out of their poverty. We are delighted that some of the children who have spent nearly all their lives in the orphanage are now entering higher education, with a view to breaking the shackles of poverty and establishing themselves as teachers, nurses, engineers, mechanics and pastors.

If you want to help with this ministry, you can donate via this website page, or contact us for further information.
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6 Oct 2017
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